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Bōde empowers homeowners to sell their own homes, modernizing the entire process—making it easier, more convenient, and more transparent—which also happens to cost less than the old way. Not only do we put you in the control seat and list your home on realtor.ca, Zillow +100s of others, but we also Bōde digitally advertise your home. We only charge 1% and only when the deal is done.

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It can take anywhere between 5-13 weeks to go from list to accept an offer and it takes an average of 2 weeks from accepting an offer to a firm sale.

The average offer period is 2 days.

Hooray! As soon as you receive an offer, send it to help@bodecanada.com. When a buyer (or buyer's agent) makes an offer online you can evaluate the terms and conditions before it populates the contract. A prospective buyer’s agent may require you formally acknowledge they work solely on behalf of the buyer (quite standard). They may also request (again) for a buy-side commission if the sale is successful (sadly, also quite standard – but totally up to you!).

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Bōde has made the offer process easy to comprehend it includes all terms and conditions of the offer so you can negotiate on these items before it populates the industry standard contract. Conditions relating to the sale of the buyer’s home or financing, possession date, deposit, and any inclusions/exclusions are common.

How to deal with multiple offers

Decide if you want to make a counter-offer, and if so – be prepared to defend your response (refer back to Bōde’s Comparables tool and Sold Data). If you choose to accept the offer, or have already accepted an offer – be sure to add a seller’s condition which removes conditional offers in the event a provision is not met and thereby allows you to accept subsequent offers.

Tips for negotiating in a hot market

All titleholders must agree to the Purchase Contract (you’re getting close!). Bōde provides a Provincial standard contract that is auto-populated with the Terms and Conditions that you and the buyer have agreed to. Make sure you review any documentation, send it to Bōde, and consider the advice of legal counsel to ensure understanding. It is important to notify Bōde when you have accepted an agreement. We will need to update your MLS listing within 2 days of the agreement.

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