The evolution of real estate

We’re a team of disruptors who’ve finally cracked the code on the antiquated real estate business. Over the years, we’ve watched other industries like banking, travel and insurance become simpler and more cost effective through disruptive technology. Now, it’s time to do the same for buying and selling your home.

Bōde is a radical shift in the way real estate is bought and sold. By bringing together the right technology, resources, community, and listings, our sole purpose is to give you the confidence to buy and sell your own home. We’re here to make sure the entire process happens simply, securely, transparently, and on your schedule. And with the control properly in your hands, we help you retain the valuable equity you’ve worked so hard to build up in your home.

Our Leadership Team

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Robert Price

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

If the first home sale happened today, you would do it totally differently. You would empower customers with the transparency, automation and control. You would have an experience that transcends the transactional. You would launch Bōde.

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Alan Kelly

Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

I believe in simplicity. Buying or selling a home you love should be easy. I spend my days trying to make that idea a reality for as many people as possible.

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Jeff Jackson

Founder, Vice President Sales

The notion that, ’this is the way it has always been done’ doesn’t work for me and I don't believe it will work for future generations. We have been selling our cars, electronics and sporting equipment online for years, I believe the same can be true of real estate.

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Reg Young

Chief Financial Officer

Having completed several real estate transactions in the past I became disenchanted with the traditional options to buy and sell real estate. When I came across the Bode model, I couldn't have been more excited! Given the opportunity to work with this all-star team in disrupting the industry was a no-brainer.

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Lindsay Skabar

Founder, Strategic Advisor

I am a passionate and dedicated disrupter. I wholeheartedly believe Bōde's purpose - to revolutionize the real estate industry.