Trust yourself. Bōde is here for you.

Bōde uses technology to connect buyers directly with sellers. The Bōde marketplace enables efficient and transparent transactions - ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.

Bōde offers thousands in savings for both buyers and sellers

Bōde charges sellers a simple 1% fee and you only pay if you sell. If you buy with Bōde it is completely free. So, when a Bōde seller sells their home to a Bōde buyer, the cost of transaction is simply 1%. We ultimately leave the decision to offer buy-side agent commission up to our sellers. It is Bōde's mission to make home transactions as efficient as possible. You can calculate your actual costs and savings below.

Select the province where the property is located.

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$100K $5M

What buyer agent commission would you like to stipulate?

Commission on first 100k

0% 10%

Commission on remainder

0% 7%

Who is representing the buyer?

Your commission savings.


Estimated Costs Bōde Traditional Agent
Listing Commission $8,000 $14,000
Buyer Agent Commission $14,000 $14,000
Total $22,000 $28,000

Your exact savings will depend on how much (if any) buy-side commission you agree to pay. These savings are compared to the typical agent commissions of 7% on the first $100k and 3% on the remainder. This takes into account Bōde’s 1% fee (up to a maximum of $10K), charged only when your home sells.