The Prō Marketplace is where people come to find the home service providers they need. They're here because they know we only recommend the best, and they reach out directly to you via Bōde. You are able to decide which leads you would like and only pay a nominal fee for the leads you accept.

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The benefits of the Prō Marketplace

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Motivated customers

Most homeowners, and especially Bōde customers, view their home as their most significant asset, and understand the value of investing in and maintaining it.

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Customers reach out to you

Homeowners reach out to Prōs to chat, easily request quotes, and schedule their appointments from within Bōde.

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A review goes a long way

Not only will we recommend you as a trusted local home-service source, the Prō Marketplace will give homeowners lots of opportunities to give ratings and recommendations.

Here's how it works

Get contacted

Bōde homeowners contact you for help with their particular project.

Decide if you want the lead

You determine if it's a project you're interested in doing and only pay for leads you accept.

Setup the work with your client

Upon acceptance, you communicate to the potential customer via the Bōde platform to confirm pricing, project scope and scheduling.

Do your thing

You service the client and once the work is completed, bill them as you usually would.

Great service gets rewarded

Homeowners and Prōs can both rate how satisfied they were with the job and overall experience with each other. Highly rated Prōs will earn more trust and business from homeowners - and highly rated homeowners will get more engagement from Prōs.