A Home Seller's Checklist

Bōde empowers homeowners to sell their own homes, modernizing the entire process—making it easier, more convenient, and more transparent—which also happens to cost less than the old way. Not only do we put you in the control seat and list your home on realtor.ca, Zillow +1,000s of others, but we also digitally advertise your home. We only charge 1% to a ceiling of $10K and only when the deal is done.

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The average Bōde lister takes 18-22 minutes to complete their listing if they have photos, measurements, and description complete.

Once you’ve got your home ready to be viewed by buyers, take a good look and see if there are some high-value touch-ups you might consider. Knicks? Dings? Paint goes a long way to improve the aesthetic at a reasonable cost. Having your home professionally cleaned and professionally staged will show your home in the best possible light and is worth considering.

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Now is the time to take those magnificant photos. Bōde is currently covering the cost of photos and measurements when you list with us. Request an appointment with one of our partners.

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Empowered by the Comparables data you’ve reviewed and the Days on Market stats you’ve researched in your community – decide on a listing price and strategy. Make sure all title holders sign the listing agreement and what that entails (if offering a buy-side commission, ability to show home within 24 hours of a request, et al.). A sign will then be installed, and you’re on the market!

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Don’t underestimate your friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of… ok, you get it. But use your network to spread the word! Share your listing with your crew, share it within community groups, neighbourhood buy/sell groups and other neighbourhood specific sites/groups you’ve seen with traffic in the past. You never know where a buyer will see your home! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok...

You’ve shopped for a house before, you know what it’s like to feel welcome in a home that isn’t yours – make sure the house is clean, the lights are on, the alarm is off, and the temperature is comfortable. You might consider leaving bottled water, flowers, or other low-touch, high-impact elements to stand out from the rest of the pack. Make your home approachable regardless of the season – grass mowed in the summer, leaves raked in the fall and walks shovelled in the winter. Also – follow-up with people after their showing, gathering feedback can inform your go-forward strategy. A buy-side agent may request a buy-side commission at this juncture – this is entirely up to you whether or not to provide this additional incentive.

Home seller's guide

If you don’t already have your Real Property Report, book a surveyor – in order to close on a prospective sale, you’ll require this documentation. The same goes for condo documents. This process can take a couple of weeks so got to be ready for when your home sells fast!

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Just like you had questions when you were looking at homes; be ready to field questions from people viewing your home. And, like in elementary school, being open and honest is the best approach – minor deficiencies are often anticipated and buyers are aware that it will factor into your pricing. Has your house flooded? How old is your roof/boiler/furnace? What are average utility costs? What is the ideal possession date? Any outstanding insurance claims? Etc. etc.

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