When you buy and sell your home with Bōde, you win - twice.

Our buyers & sellers are more successful, save time, and a lot of money

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We make buying & selling your home easy

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Sellers only pay 1% & buying is free

Bōde charges 1% of the final sale price to a max of $10K and you only pay when you sell.

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Book your own viewings

Request and book viewings that suit your schedule that already works for the seller.

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Built-in standard contracts on Bōde homes

Bōde is a licensed brokerage and follows all industry standards, including Bōde home purchase contracts.

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We are here for you

You are already the expert on your home and the Bōde Team are experts on helping you be successful.

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Empowered by data

Free access to all the housing data you need to make the decision that is right for you.

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Negotiate an offer on your terms

Make data-backed offers on Bōde homes online directly to the seller.