A Home Seller's Checklist

Bōde empowers homeowners to sell their own homes, modernizing the entire process—making it easier, more convenient, and more transparent—which also happens to cost less than the old way. Not only do we put you in the control seat and list your home on realtor.ca, Zillow +100s of others, but we also Bōde digitally advertise your home. We only charge 1% and only when the deal is done.

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Getting to Keys Day

It takes an average of 5 weeks to go from firm sale to keys day

Make sure you have received the agreed upon deposit on time.

Inspections are commonplace and are often a condition of sale – given the inspector is a neutral third party, they will provide a report which may unearth suggested fixes (major or minor). Some items may cause a re-negotiation depending on the severity or costs associated with their repair.

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When the buy-side is satisfied that the conditions within the offer have been met, they will remove the conditions. When conditions are removed, the sale is binding.

It’s time to secure a lawyer to assist with the closing phase of your transaction (this is a regulatory requirement). There are several options for you to consider. The specialist lawyers at Deeded are happy to support you, or you may choose from vetted legal Prōs in our Prō Marketplace. Equally, you may find a lawyer on your own if you wish.

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Hopefully you got ahead of this step when you were decluttering, but now it is time to do a full-pack. If you want to reduce your footprint, Frogbox or rubbermaid bins are reusable and stackable. Uhaul also has reusable and rentable boxes. Label each box withthe contents and the specific destination. This may sound obviousl but it will save you time in the long run... and your nerves!

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Are there things that could find a better home? Whether it is food, electronics, clothing and furniture you don't want to move into your new home there are services that will pick up from your home to make it dead-easy to do good.

Get rid of clutter

While Moving could have its own To Do list; you’re certainly required to book a mover. Whether that’s a friend, a family member, or several of both – you’ll have to secure support and a capable vehicle to get the job done. Get it on the calendar. U-Haul and other discount trucking companies book by the day! Hint: these outlets are also great spots to grab your packing supplies.

Organise the move

The famous poet, Unknown Author, once said – “Karma never loses an address”. Clean your house before you leave it, you wouldn’t want to move into someone else’s messy place!

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You’ve told your friends and family members the great news that you sold your house, fantastic! Now tell your insurance company. With any luck, you had the foresight to choose a provider that allows you to make this notification online and save yourself a phone call. It is also a great time to re-evaluate your insurance provider for your next Abōde. Nuera has a slick online tool and very competitive rates.

Most of these can be done ahead of time and just booked for possession day.

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Your lawyers will transfer the property title, distribute the funds and tell you when to release the keys. They’ll charge you for it, but they’ll do it.

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Remember all that stuff you boxed up week or two ago? Time to introduce it to your new place! Booking an interior organizer/cleaner may help you get situated quicker. Don't forget to scan for last minute items you may have forgotten. Check the fridge and for that hidden key. You may also consider gathering up user manuals/waranty information to leave for the new owner.

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