Bōde Canada | Buy or Sell your home - yourself! Keep tens of thousands of dollars when using Bōde.

Why Bōde

Simply a better way

For decades there has been a need to have specialized people, tools, and resources to transact real estate. That’s no longer true.

You are the ultimate expert on your home. You live, eat and sleep there. You know the area. You know the upgrades. You literally know it inside out. So, who better to sell it than you?

When it comes to buying a new home, who knows more about what you need and want better than you? Nobody.

Bōde gives you everything you need to buy and sell your home, yourself.

Bōde Canada
  • Easily research the market with Market Data, your neighbourhood’s real estate activity, home's transaction history with Sold Data, and find similar homes with Comparables.

  • Get beautiful templates to showcase your home and write your listing, the way you want.

  • Bōde will list and market your home deploying cutting-edge digital marketing. Using advanced analytics, geo-targeting, and hyper-targeting techniques Bōde posts your listing where the vast majority of buyers are looking.

  • Schedule showings when they work for you.

  • Get access to the Prō Marketplace - our curated recommendations for the best Prōs - including photographers, measurers, inspectors, lawyers, movers, and stagers.

Bōde Canada

Get all of this and more in one simple, logical, secure interface that keeps you in control on any device.

Get all of this and more in one simple, logical, secure interface that keeps you in control on any device.

Bōde helps homeowners sell faster for more money, and buyers pay less.

How can this win-win for buyers and sellers be possible?

Agents traditionally charge around a 4% commission on home transactions—half going to listing agents, half to buying agents. This outdated structure disappears for buyers and sellers on the Bōde platform. Homeowners simply pay a 1% fee to Bōde on sale completion (to a ceiling of $10K). When homeowners don’t have to pay any agent commissions, they can reduce their price below that of other homes in their market. Suddenly, their homes are a better deal and get snapped up faster.

Yet, since homeowners don’t typically reduce their price by the full 3% savings, they make more money and preserve more equity than if they are paying commission.

The same is true for buyers. Buyers get their property for less without paying the estimated 2% buying agent commission - a number that is normally invisibly built into the sale price. Instead of splitting commission costs, buyers and sellers can split their saved money and everybody wins. How much? On a $750,000 home, and after the 1% Bōde fee, this would amount to around a whopping $11,250—each!